Help with connecting multiple serial devices


So my arduino board is currently connected to the Sparkfun blue-tooth modem which I believe is connected to the serial Rx Tx line. I just bought CMUCam2 from acroname, and is hoping to interface this with the board also. However, I am not sure if it is even possible to have multiple serial devices connected to the arduino board. If it is, then how do i connect my second serial device?!


One solution is to bit-bang the second (and third and fourth...) serial ports. Search for "software serial port" and so forth; it's mentioned on the form and probably other places on the arduino web site.

A solution I'm going to play with (just got the ICs in) is to use an SPI-attached hardware UART. This approach is a bit more hardware intensive, but the software looks simpler, or so it seems from reading spec sheets. (: