Help with connecting to the Internet


I have a Personnel weather station, using a WEMOS D1 MINI board, I have successfully Uploaded a sketch from the Arduino IDE to the Wemos, now the data from the Wemos is displayed on the ESP 8266 IP address, Now I need help, I wish to upload this data to a web site called Weather Underground. I have created an account with WU, but of course the web site now states my weather station is "off line" but I cannot find any information on how to get my data "On line" can anyone help please, I am so close to success.

What information do they want from you regarding your weather station?

Actually, all the information I have been given is this, my WS name = ISWADL13, and a key number vihb9CUG, What this key is I do not yet know, it's not an API key has that shows up many many digits

I used to use their API to get local weather information, but they shut down the free tier. I can't see any mention of an API at their site now but I'll guess that there is one available to station owners.