help with controlling 3 motors for ROV

hi everyone

i'm new with arduino and I need some help with hardware and with programing too... :disappointed_relieved: i want to make an ROV, and i will use 3 dc brushless motors.. this one:

i should have to use 3 15A ESC, each one for one motor. and 2 joisticks, can be an airplane joistick , a play station controller or maby an xbox one, y don't know whats better.

so what i need is to know:

1:which joistick is easyer to conect and program, or which should i use...

2: how to conect the 3 ESC to the arduino one board( and how to calibrate it)

3: i need to program the motors so that 2 of them will run at the same time but with oposite roating direction ( horizontal ones ) , and the third motor shoud run just alone( vertical motor) of course the 3 motors should go forwards and backwards

could someone please help me with the project??, everything helps, diagrams, grafics, picture are usefull to :D