Help with converting a pulsing input to a solid input when using a for loop and adding an off delay

Thanks. I will look into that. I didn't know you can do that. Learned something new.

actually I think it is:

{ Curly brackets or braces }
[ Square brackets or brackets ]
( Round brackets or parentheses )


< Angle brackets or chevrons >

EDIT : to make things simpler (from wikipedia):

In most English-speaking countries, an unqualified 'bracket' refers to the round bracket; in the United States, the square bracket.

In French we don't have these, we just use the different words (accolade, crochet, parenthèse, chevron)

I assume you are joking.

Why not use the perfectly good words we have instead of coercing one noun into service with some adjectives?

But I can roll with it. forward slash, however, is always gonna annoy me. :expressionless:

I have to say “round brackets” isn’t one I’ve come across. I kinda like it…

! straight question mark.

; commalated colon


The French language agrees with you :wink:

but...No no I was not joking. that's a thing....

Note I wrote "Curly brackets" and not "Curly braces" which is what you reacted to.

brackets seems to be the generic word describing a punctuation mark and they come in multiple shapes and forms and you use adjectives to qualify them.

PS/ found this Bracket - Wikipedia

(if wikipedia is any sort of truth)