Help with Cosa Installation

Hi I've recently been trying to get Cosa installed even to just compile a basic blinking project. I have had problems with it saying that my board is not defined, but changing boards doesn't seem to make a difference.

If there is someone out there with better instructions on how to install Cosa than those included by default with the package from github I would greatly appreciate it.

I have followed the instructions to the best of my ability and none of the examples can compile citing header not found errors. I resolved this by going into the arduino cores file and adding in what Cosa had. After this I got the board is not supported error.

Thanks again.

Cosa should be really simple to install and get running. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with that. Could you please provide some more information?

  1. What version of the Arduino IDE are you using?
    The support for 1.0.X was deprecated a few weeks back as the development focused on 1.5.X and the new AVR toolchain BUT as there has been a number of requests for keeping the 1.0.X support it now available again (See Failing compilation on Arduino 1.0.5 · Issue #176 · mikaelpatel/Cosa · GitHub). If you are using 1.0.X please download Cosa from github and install again.

  2. What Arduino board are you using?
    You MUST select a Cosa prefixed board in the IDE Tools>Board menu. This is how the Cosa core is selected. The Cosa example sketches do not compile with the Arduino core.

Please note that Cosa is not an Arduino(TM) product. Support requests should be posted on the Cosa github issue list. Sign in to GitHub · GitHub. This will give you the best and quickest response.


Thank you for your help, I missed the fact that I had to select the cosa driver from the boards menu. Thanks again.