help with counter

Hi, I'm new to arduino, I need you to help me with a program by a push-button and 2 LEDs do the following.
when you press the button equal to or less than 5 times turns on the led 1, after 6 to 10 turn only led 2 and 11, is then reset, I think I have an idea, but need help from experienced people like you :astonished: :astonished:

You need to first detect button pressed and increment a counter (plus a delay for
software debounce). (you can find lots of examples all over this site for that)

int counter = 0 ;

void loop ()
  if ( // here go the button change detection and debouncing - an exercise for you
    counter ++ ;

Next to force the counter to be modulo 10:

    counter %= 10 ;

Then you can use the value of the counter to update the LED pin:

    digitalWrite (LED1_pin, counter < 5) ;
    digitalWrite (LED2_pin, counter >= 5) ;

Note that modular arithmetic counts from zero, so I test for 0…4 and 5…9,
one off from what you describe.

and how can i reset the program??
or it´s automatic

and how can i reset the program??
or it´s automatic

use modulo 11 instead of 10 and

  digitalWrite (LED1_pin, (counter < 6) && (counter >0)) ;
  digitalWrite (LED2_pin, counter >= 6) ;
  if (counter == 0){
    digitalWrite (LED1_pin, LOW) ;
    digitalWrite (LED2_pin, LOW) ;