Help with DAC0800LCN


I got DAC0800LCN (8-bit DAC) and would like to use it to replace my 8-bit resistor DAC for better sound quality:

However, I don't know how to interpret the datasheet to hook it to Arduino. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Jarkko

I have tried to connect V+ and Vref+ pins to +5V and V-, Vref- and Vlc pins to GND, then the 8 data pins to Arduino pins 0-7 (like I had in my resistor DAC). Then connect Iout and GND to headphones, but it doesn't seem to work ): Any ideas?

Here's an application note from TI about using this DAC with a single supply: It may help clarify the issues for you. It looks like there a re a lot of reasons that the circuit you describe won't work.