Help with DC Motor Project: 12v 5A motor speed and direction control

Hi all, I am trying to figure out the most efficient/logical way to drive four or five individually controlled DC Motors. I am hoping to control both direction and speed.

Motor Specs are: 12V, 300mA free run, 5A stall

The project is an instrument that controls these 4 (maybe more) motors with potentiometers. I am attempting to not use pre-made motor drivers/shields to save money. I am getting lost in the language of H-Bridges and Mosfet Drivers. If anyone has the heart to help by telling me their recommendations for circuits/schematics, I would forever be indebted to you!


Looking at the catalog it looks like 5A motor driver chips are quite expensive. Your best bet might be to parallel two 3A drivers to get 6A. The Texas Instruments DRV8828PWPR seems to be least inexpensive one you can buy in small quantities at $4.28 each ($8.56 per motor).