Help with DC1812 - Not able to reset Alert

I'm using DC1812A to collect charging and discharging data of a Lead-acid battery. I've changed the sense resistor according to my current calculations. The program was running fine, but somehow an ALERT was set for crossing some threshold. Now, the board is not working. According to the datasheet, an Alert reset procedure has to be performed before it functions again. How do I do that?

If I run i2cscanner.ino, it keeps showing as Scanning...

How do I check if SDA and SCL are working?

Where in the datasheet did you find that information?

There is a section on the Alert Response Protocol which is used to determine which of several devices on the bus pulled the alert pin low. After a power cycle all alert states are cleared.

That's a bad sign. I guess a hardware error but you failed to provide a wiring diagram, so we cannot check.

Read the status register after powering up. If you don't get 0x01 the I2C connection doesn't work.

That's doesn't happen somehow you must have programmed that explicitly. Show us the code you used!

It would be best if you posted the code and a schematic, not a frizzy picture. Just curious, do you have the I2C bus terminated properly with pull up resistors on both lines to VCC? If not that could explain part of your problems.

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