Help with deciding on which Arduino Pro to use

Hi everyone!
I’m new to Arduino and just recently discovered it. What attracted me to it was the Arduino pro mini that was so small. I am thinking of using the bluesmirf silver along with the Arduino pro(either mini or usb). My goal is to build a device as small as possible, so the mini is preferred. But would the mini be able to support the bluesmirf and be able to control a few buzzers and leds without connecting to an external breadboard? Also, if the bluetooth works, can that be used in place of the usb serial connection with the pc?

Thanks for any help! I’m looking forward to this!

Sounds like your best best would be to use a full-size arduino, or a mini, and build up your circuit on a breadboard. Then when you’ve got everything working, made necessary changes etc, design your own circuit board that incorporates all your components in one board.

Using a development board like ALL the arduinos are will never give you the smallest possible size. The boards are designed to allow you to easily connect and disconnect components.

I see what you mean. But can a Arduino pro mini power the bluesmirf ?

i prefer the Arduino Nano, even a very small footprint, more flexible power options and running twice the speed compared to Pro


would the speed advantage of the nano be important considering that I’m using bluetooth(bluesmirf)?