Help with difficult code

i put star wars and mario tunes in same program.
desired affect is when a pin input is high (with a switch) then play mario, otherwise if not high then play star wars.
I combined their note defines at start of program and both their setup are combined also.
Mario and star wars code are changed to my pinouts.
(also a common cathode rgb led was used for indicator, so HIGH/low are backwards)
(all comments still in their are from original authors of code)
I just need help to make it work, i do know the problem is with the multiple loops.
(to big to paste here)

Don't use pigbin etvc attach the code.

What do you expect the code to do? what does it do?

Oh and get rid of ALL the delays


i said desired affect above (forum only allow 9000 charecters)

Put it as an attachment if it is too long to post.

Put it as an attachment if it is too long to post.

To do this, use Reply, not the stupid Quick Reply field.
Below the text entry box is a link, Additional Options. Yeah, I know, it doesn't look much like a link...

One of the options, when you click the link, is to attach a file (containing your code) to the post, when the Post button is finally selected.

i said desired affect above

But you didn't say what ACTUALLY happens.