Help with display

I've salvaged a LCD display from a radio-cd player, and, what i've found by googling isnt helping much.. The LCD can display up to 7 7-segment numbers , and a few labels ("play","stop",etc)...But it has only 13 pins, and cant figure out how to make it work. The LCD is still mounted in the board i took off the player, and it looks i'm powering it well (the LCD backlight and a red led are powered), but , when i connect the LCD pins to either Vcc or GND, all i get are random-ish segments/labels displayed (like several segments in the same number...not the same segment in all numbers, as i've found in online tutorials,etc). Any idea about how can i interface that display?

Have you tried looking for a driver IC chip? It could either be on a board with the display or a seperate PCB. Therefore, I'd try googling any IC markings that are legible. The design could've used a custom programmable logic chip instead of a commerically available IC, but it's worth a shot.

Likely what you have is an annunciator. Just the bare LCD panel W/O the driver as has been pointed out. Driving an LCD is some what complex as a steady DC voltage on any pin VS the "backplane" will damage the LCD "Cell" connected the device is driven by an ac signal where a displayed segment is out of phase with the backplane and a blank one is in phase with the back plane... Go look up a CD4543 It's an old but very useful chip as it will do several different types of devices. I used a LOT of LCD panels in 2006 to 2008 but I really don't remember all I read then as I left the display control to an ICL7106... Just don't remember it was a cheap drop in replacement for a common 200mV Fs LCD panel meter. Mine cost about 7 or 8 dollars in parts while the "store bought" displays were about $50.00... Think I still have some of the PCB's. I just copied a reference design from Intersil. The part is long discontinued though. Wiki should have some good information.