Help with displaying sensor values from a Ultrasonic sensor to an LCD screen.

Hi guys, so I have been wanting to use an Ultrasonic distance sensor to display its sensor values on an LCD screen. I did some research for it online, but I have not found a tutorial that utilizes the brand sensor that I have, and the type of lcd screen that I have. All the tutorials that I saw use a 4 pin ultrasonic sensor from OSEPP, but I have a sensor from Parallax, that has 3 pins. A 5V pin, a GND pin, and a SIG pin.

And I have an LCD screen like this:

I have not seen any tutorials that use the distance sensor that I have to display sensor values on the type of lcd screen that I have. I am very new to arduino and would love if someone could give a schematic of the connections, and the code. Thanks.

Sorry, the screen is actually this one:

If you can't find the code that you want, you will need to write it yourself.
Get the two parts (ping and LCD) to work separately in their own sketches. Then you can combine the two into what you want to do.
Ping sensor tutorial.
I2C LCD tutorial
Combining sketches