Help with drawing robot

I'm trying to build a robot that connects via Bluetooth to my computer and receives text from there and draws it onto the paper. I'm having a bit of trouble coding the actual letters that the robot draws. any advice on how to do it? thanks!

Since we have no idea how your robot works or how it is controlled it makes it hard to give advice.

here is a link as to how the robot is going to be built if that helps. basically what i need help with is turning the alphabet into code. for example if i were to type the letter 'a' on my computer the robot would draw a letter 'a' and i need help with turning letters into code

If your PC sends GCode to the Arduino it is reasonably easy to define a crude letter manually by writing GCode. There are many PC programs that can turn an image into GCode.

If your PC uses some other sort of "code" to send data to the Arduino {A} it is impossible to advise you as you have not told us and {B} you may need to write your own PC program to convert the image to your code.

In very simple terms an A can be made with - move to bottom left - draw 8 up and 2 right - draw 8 down and 2 right - move to 4 up and 1 left - draw 3 left ...R