Help with ds1337 RTC

Hi Im a arduino beginner, i just go the ds1337 chip, i have got trouble connecting it to my arduino. Does any one got simple instruction how to wire this thing. And what do i need? Thanks

I don´t know exactly what you need because you don´t say...

But i am involve in the same topic.

Take a look to this topic:

We could focus there all the discussions about the ds1337 in order to not to spread our questions that could help to both.

On the other hand, in the datasheet you have all the necessary information about how to wire it. Take a look here:

I used 10KOhms pullup resistances for INTA, SQW/INTB, SDA and SCL pins. I also used a 3V battery backup that is not specified in the datasheet and the chip do not have specific connections.

Take a look to tha datasheet, try to wire it and ask in the other topic your questions (i suggest, of course).

See you there,

good luck!

ohh men do i need some crystal to hooked this up. i dont have anything like that here just some resistor and stuff like that.

Yes and not. What version of Ds1337 do you have, if you have one with c into the name (eg., DS1337C, or something like that), it could have the crystal inside. But the normal ones require a 32.768 KHz crystal wired to pins 1 and 2. They are not expensive at all, and you could locate in your electronics shop.

The battery is not necessary because it runs with Arduino power. But i recommend to use it if you want to remains the time set also if you plug it off from the arduino board. In that case you could also need a couple of diodes. Moreover, a 0.1 uF capacitor could be also interesting.

I will try to post soon (in the other post that i said to you) a wiring scheme.