help with duemilanove and 3 phase bldc motor

hi to all of you!
please help me in this matter i'm new in microcontrollers world i i need help like every begginer
i have an 24v stepper 3 phase bldc motor from my printer,with driver on it, but i have no ideea how to controll it with arduino (i have the duemilanove)
the driver has these imputs: +24v,GND, START,READY,CLOCK and CW/CCW. I assume that I only need the +24v(linked to an external power source maybe i'll use the printer's psu but i have to measure it first ), GND(linked to external psu and arduino's gnd), CLOCK and CW/CCW(linked to digital pins on arduino's board).
If I'm corect till here can you please write me a simple code to control this stepper bldc motor?. thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english!

i modified my post…actually it’s an 3 wire brushless 24v dc motor with driver . should I use pmw pin for clock and digital for cw/ccw?
is this good?
void setup() {
digitalWrite(5,HIGH); //set direction cw
analogWrite(3, 255); // full speed, no?

awesome choir verry little room :slight_smile:

this is the motor and yes, it’s from a laser printer. i guess start it’s an digital imput and maybe it should be high but what ready do i don’t know. i’m 1 day old in arduino this mornig i bought it :slight_smile: and i’m still learning. tomorow i will try to connect the motor to the psu and arduino and hope for the best. till then i’m gonna sleep :smiley: good night