help with DYP-ME007TX and Waspmote (arduino)

Hello everyone, I just bought this sensor ( and I trying to read from it with my waspmote.

For those of you that don't know wasppmote you can check it out at but it is essentially an arduino (with almost all same commands). Difference number one in code is that you use USB rather than Serial .

However can you guys help me reading from this sensor? I can't queite get how!

I have another sensor from MAxSonar and I use PWM but I can't really use that for much since it doesn't read objects closer than 15cm, so I need some other sensor.

I would really appreciate if you can help me!

The waspmote is definitely not an Arduino. Not every device with an ATmega microcontroller is an Arduino. The API looks a bit like Arduino but it's not the same, so I guess lots or better most of the libraries won't work there.

If you wanna try, here's the library that should work with your sensor on an Arduino:

I assume it needs quite a bit of work to get it to run on your IDE.