Help with Eagle schematic

I would like to make modifications and further annotations on this Pro Micro schematic. Does anybody know how I can change the text in the column to the right of the processor, such as to change the text “TX LED” to something else, anything else. I can’t figure out how the original author got this text on the page and how to edit that text.

pic.jpg (72.4 KB)

  1. Right click on the red "+" in the middle of the ATMega32U4 symbol.
  2. Select "Open Symbol" from the menu that appears.
  3. Modify at will

I'll agree it's a very odd way to create that package symbol with the labels set as they are.

Hi, thanks.
Ok, I opened the symbol, fumbled around and made some changes, saved and closed the symbol. How do I get the changes I have made to appear in the schematic I was editing before I opened the symbol?

Back in the schematic editor select the "Library" menu and "Update All". The change should take effect.

Thanks, that is just what I needed.