Help with editing CAN library

Hey guys,

i need a Little help from you.... :confused: Unfortunately, the user "DaveAK" seems to be no longer available here, so i need your help to edit some of his code he posted in this thread here:

My problem is: Only baud rates higher than 50kbps will be detected. Normally, from the codes side, it must be able to go down to 5kbps...?!?

My idea: Must have to do something with the calculation of bit Timing registers inside of MCP2515.cpp ...

Any one an idea, what the problem can be? I'm reading can data from a PEAK USB Interface, he wrote also that there must be minimum 2 can nodes next to the MCP2515, but from 100kbps on everything works fine just with the PEAK interface.

Thanks for an hint in the right direction!


AUNT EDITH SAYS: I don't know why, but now the lowest value is 50kbps... Lower than that it still says "MCP2515 Init Failed ..."