Help with editing hardwareserial.cpp

Hi there is there anyone who will help me edit hardwareserial.cpp and .h.
I found a sketch on the Web to decode an EMS Bus message. It uses an alternated hardwareserial.
I like to use it on my uno but can't seem to get it to work. I think it has to do something with the uno only having one serial port. There is an alternation made in the serial library to detect a Break/stop signal of the message. It seems to be a 11bit Null.
Is there a way to detect this in code and not in a library?
Or can someone see which alterations I have to make to make it work with hardwareserial.cpp?

NefitSerial.cpp (8.17 KB)

NefitSerial.h (3.22 KB)

but can't seem to get it to work.

That's not very helpful. We need an exact description of what "can't seem to get it to work" means.

I have the code working on mega.
On the uno I have rewritten it, busdata comes in on rx0. And somewhere in the code the data is send to register. If I do a ciao.write of the register. My wifi output shows '0' at every input. So or I have a problem decoding the message on the uno, or the ciao.write doesn't let me write a register value.
Maybe someone can help me rewrite it so all values from the register are stored in a string. Don't know how to do that.
And then send the string to my ciao.write. Maybe that works.

Workaround I'm busy with now is let the mega do the bus connection and then send the data over i2c to the uno which uploads it through ciao.write.
But for that I also need to rewrite a bit to get all values in a sTring. Because I'm now getting data but not decoded properly (int/float/char related stuff)