Help with EEPROM scope.

Hi guys, I have been patching together code from a few different products and it was going great until the code decided that readSystemSettings() was not within the scope of void setup(). I have ZERO idea what is wrong because that was not an error statement until 5 minutes ago (and has been in my code since the start), nor is it an error I get on an earlier version of this code. The call originates from sparkfun’s qwiic scale “complete scale” code which runs smoothly. any tips would be so appreciated because I’m tearing my hair out over this. Last time this happened I just rebuilt the code from scratch and it was working until now. I wasn’t even working within the void setup scope so am unsure what change. Please help me! This project has taken 2 months longer than I wanted it to because I’m new and my code is messy.


Ex2_micejelloscale.ino (11.5 KB)

SparkFun Qwiic Scale NAU7802 Arduino (49.4 KB)

You have an extra closing brace in your setup function. It now ends earlier than you intended.