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Hi guys, i want to build 120cm x 80cm cnc router, and i have few questions?
I want to use 4 x nema 23 stepper motors (2 on X axis) 269 2.8A 3.2V, 4 x TB6560 12-36VDC max 3A stepper drivers, 1 x PSU 24V 15A, and arduino uno. It will be a wooden frame, about 28kg gantry, 500-700W router, belt and pulley on X and Y axis (20 teeth pulley, direct drive) and leadscrew 1605 on Z axis. It will be used for cutting wood.

  1. I want to know are the all electronics compatible?
  2. Is stepper motor size good, or i need bigger or smaller ones for this application?

Your Arduino need 5 volts DC.
The torque from the Stepper motors depend entirely on how fast you intend to cut wood and the type of wood.

  1. I thought that Arduino Uno can be powered via the USB connection, i mean via USB cable connection PC to Arduino, or not?
  2. It is no matter what speed i can achieve, but let's say i want 100 IPM, and i want to cut hardwood (oak, birch, walnut...) and MDF, plywood...

That is not in your list.
For #2, you will have to test.

Look at kits that have good customer reviews, then check demo videos to see if they perform as you expect. Then you have a list of good parts.

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Ok i forgot to write about arduino powering, but it can be powered via USB cable right??
And as i said, speed is not that important, however this is DIY cnc build, im only interested are stepper motors, drivers and arduino uno compatible with each other?? Thanks!

Those drivers should be fine with the Uno, I'm pretty sure the logic is 5v on those. The motors will be fine with the drivers. I think you are cutting it a bit fine with the power supply, I was running a "cctv type" one with three steppers and those drivers (or very similar) and it was rated for a few amps above the total rating of the components and it fried after a few months with light use each day. I went overkill on the replacement and not had any trouble since.

Im sorry i think i dont understand you, im not that good with the english, you want to say that i need PSU with more or less amps, if so, what you would reccomend? Thanks !

I would personally choose a PSU with more amps, maybe 20A. It doesn't hurt anything to have more current available, using close to the rated current may result in a shorter usable lifespan.

Ok its not a problem to buy 20A PSU, if it work fine.

You need the datasheet for the motors, find the speed/torque graphs (typically these are given for a few different supply voltages). Then you need to know the linear force you require at the cutting head and the thread pitch of your leadscrew - that allows conversion between linear cutting force and torque.

For instance 1605 leadscrew has a pitch of 0.005m, so the conversion factor is 2pi/0.005 ~= 1250 N/(Nm)

Be aware that dynamic torques (when moving) for a stepper are a lot less than holding torque, very dependent on speed and supply voltage, and often resonance is an issue that reduces the effective torque (microstepping is essential to help tame this).

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