help with error message-tm Elements _t'was not declared in this scope- am the

error message trying to set the time on my ds1307 - Arduino uno project-am rank amateur- message -tmElements_t'was not declared in this scope- project stops- please help :confused: :confused: :confused:

It may be wise for you to change your username from you email address to prevent spammers from harvesting it :o

As for your error you may want to attach your code.

int foo = 1;
if(foo == 1){
  int bar = 2;
foo = bar;

foo is global and is available inside the if statement. bar is only available inside the if statement because of the { } curly braces and so trying to make foo = bar will cause the error you are asking about. Z

Google "C++ scope" for more info on what @zhomeslice is talking about.

If you have used this in your sketch

#include <Time.h>

change it to

#include <TimeLib.h>