Help with ESC and Servo Communication

Hi, I have recently started an Arduino project where the end goal is to create an autonomous rc car. However, I have found some difficulty communicating with the esc and servo in order to get the car to go forward,backward,left and right. The car I am using is similar to this one: I was hoping someone could assist me with this because I am honestly lost.

And the reason no-one has replied to this question yet, is because we are all lost regarding what the problem is.

You are going to have to state what you have done so far (including the code) what the symptoms are and even attach a picture or two if it makes things clearer.

Basically you're saying "It doesn't work, no what?". Well, to get help you will have to describe what you have done to get as far as you have and what specific issues you are now facing.

Have a think about what problem you are facing (and not just "found some difficulty") and post back here and you will get loads of help :smiley_cat:

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