Help with i2c zip file

Has anyone got a link to a zip file containing the i2c library for the MUP 9150 9 axis accelerometer?

I have the wire.h library but a lot of the code examples include the i2cdev.h library. All I can find is the library in notepad type format and have no idea hw to save it as an h file. Whatever I try the sketch seems to reject it.


Click the download zip button.

And by the way, all you need to do to save a .h is call it a .h, even from notepad.

Yeah I’ve been trying both those ways all morning. The zip link above tells me ‘Specified folder/zip file does not contain a valid library’ when I try to add it and if I open it in notepad and try to save it all seems okay until I try to write the code. When I write it the colour of the text remains black whilst the other libraries I add change to orange coloured text.

Color change is just because of the keyword.txt file. It tells you nothing about the library working, only compiling will.

I tested downloading the zip and added t with add .zip library and it worked just fine. (IDE 1.6.4)

Oh that sounds great, have some karma.

The sensor I need is in the post so I am just playing and getting my bits downloaded as necessary. When I load the 'blink' code and add the wire.h and I2Cdev.h libraries wire goes orange, I2Cdev does not. When I verify the code all seems fine.

Does it sound like I am good to go with writing the main code once my sensor appears?

I've sorted it. It was an issue with a zipped and unzipped folder clashing. Thanks for your help!