Help with If statement

Right now this is my code, everything compiles. But it continuously shoots out "Red is pressed" ect. randomly, even when no pin is hot.

void loop(){
  rpress = digitalRead(rswich);
  gpress = digitalRead(gswich);
  bpress = digitalRead(bswich);

  if(rpress == 1){
    Serial.print("Red is pressed\n");
  if (gpress == 0){
    Serial.print("Green is pressed\n");
  if(bpress == 0){
    Serial.print("Blue is pressed\n");
  int rpress = 0;
  int gpress = 0;
  int bpress = 0;

Do you mean for this:

if(rpress == 1)

to be this instead?

if(rpress == 0)

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How is your switch wired?
It should be wired similar to one of these.

How are the xwich's declared in setup()?
pinMode (wichPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
so it is high when the pin is not grounded via button press?