Help with IL9325C Bare TFT with Arduino Due and UTFT

Hi all,

I needed a transflective TFT for a project I am doing so I’ve gone for a bare 320*240 TFT with an on board driver (IL9325C). I thought great there is also UTFT library written for it.

I choose the Arduino Due to avoid having to do 5v level shifting. I also bought a head for the ribbon so I could easily connect to the Arduino.

I started with UTFT, according to the documentation UTFT implementation only supports 8 bits. Connected all the cables up (according to documentation attached DB10 - DB17 need to be attached to 22 - 28 and then the control lines (RS,WR,CS and RESET going to 38 - 41).

VCC pin (Pin 1) I connected this to 3.3v and ground (Pin 36) to Arduino ground.

I’ve tried for several days to get this configuration going with UTFT and nothing light up on the LCD not even the backlight.

I’ve decided that if I can’t even get the backlight working there is no hope in anything else.

Question 1: Am I right in thinking that LEDA should be connected to positive 5v on the Due and LEDK1 and LEDK2 to GND and the backlight should illuminate or have I missed something?

Question 2: I notice in the documentation for the 8bit MCU interface alot of the pins should be grounded. Do I need to honour this or are they OK being left un connected?

Apologies I’m new to Arduino and would appreciate any pointers! Thanks!

Full spec for LCD is here Dropbox - File Deleted

and a picture of the LCD + header cable and Due here:

KD024QVRMA018 8BIT MCU Interface.pdf (10.1 KB)

Right, I've answered my first question. 5v isn't enough to power the led backlight. I instead wired up 4 x aa in series and hey presto it works.

Still no joy on question 2. Does anyone know if I have to ground all the connectors as per data sheet attached it would likely all start working?


Right, I've wired up the header board exactly as per the 8 bit spec sheet.

Lots of wires going to groun but it all fired up straight away.

Happy days!

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