Help with immersive light project

I am trying to make something that immerses someone in light using a dome-like constructed object that would command all the user's line of vision. I wanted to combine light and reflective materials (reflective acrylic, material from one of those emergency blankets, etc (feel free to make a suggestion)) on the inside.

My issues is that I am not sure what electronic to use for the light (individual, string, or ring of NeoPixels or something else that someone here could suggest). I want to the light sources to be somewhat hidden from the users so If anyone has a good suggestion for something that I could use and even a way to trick the user's eye it I'd really appreciate it !!

Side emitting plastic fiber-optic strands with LED light source. Search the Internet for fiber-optic stores that have good product descriptions and project examples. I found some good ideas that way and bought some short pieces of various thicknesses. Short pieces (up to 6 inches) light up well along full length. I use water-clear LEDs of various colors (Mouser Electronics). Bind LED to end of fiber strand with heat shrink. Cap other end with white or reflective material to bounce light back into strand for full illumination. Using fiber-optics is a good way to separate the light source from the emitters, and it is flexible too.