Help with interfacing era-arduino-s900 and Arduino UNO

Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting this arduino shield to work properly. I can see that the data is being transfered, but I can not see the data on the serial window in the arduino software. I see the RX and TX lighting up from my shields. One is sending and one is recieving, but I can't seem to figure out how to display the data.


Depending on how you configure the shield, it might be set up to transmit and receive on the same hardware serial pins the Arduino uses for the Serial monitor (D0 & D1). In that case, you won't get to see anything on the serial monitor as anything written to the port is not being sent via USB back to the PC, it's actually being transmitted over the radio. If you're using the alternative set-up of D2 & D3 and you're using Software Serial in your sketch to drive that, you will still be able to use the Serial monitor. This selection is set with the JP1 jumper block on the shield.

If you're set up to use software serial and still not seeing what you're expecting in the serial monitor, can you please post your code here (inside code tags) ?

Cheers ! Geoff