Help with L298N Board

I recently got this dual motor driver board, you can see it in this guys post its the exact same one ---> Here

Well it works and everything but I couldn't find this information, can you use both inputs at the same time, as in ENA and ENB driving two separate motors simultaneously?

If so, how? If not, why?

Please reply quickly I need to know for my school project.

Although I have not used this device, it appears to have two separate H bridges so should be able to run both at once.


Yes you can: just have 2 Arduino pins controlling the 2 ENA/B pins and 4 others controlling the 298’s IN1/2/3/4 pins. Then bung 2 motors on the 298’s OUT2/3/13/14 pins.

See attached, which is for a standalone 298 not on a board like yours, but it looks like the board uses the same pin naming.

By the way, just a caution on using that chip. You may know this already, but maybe not: the 298 loses just under 2V (1.8 iirc?) of the voltage you put in, as a minimum. That goes up to a loss of 4.8v iirc, at higher currents. So, if you find your motors aren't spinning nicely, or perhaps not starting without a nudge, that may be why: measure the voltage at the board's outputs to the motor.

If it becomes a problem, and you have budget, you might look for a module of suitable voltage and curent capability here at Pololu. The more modern chips are far more efficient, tiny in comparison, and don't need a heatsink the size of a house.

I replaced my 298-based board with Pololu's 2130.

Thanks guys, I'll go and try it out again today, I'll keep you updated.

Thanks it works now, only thing is my 6 volt pack doesnt seem to budge it, after the first movement the arduino stops and resets, but if its getting power from USB then it works flawlessly.