Help with LED car project!


I am working on a project with my car. My plan is to wire individually addressable led strips I bought and put them in the interior and exterior of my car. I have two 16.4 feet of 5050 smd led strips available to use and I want to program multiple different designs and I dont know what boards to use.

Some things I am thinking about - 1. What board would be the most useful 2. How much power it will draw from my 12v car battery 3. How to connect to the board and change the designs when I want. This could be either from my phone or with different switches that are connected

Thanks for the help and ideas! :)


You are working on a project with your car.

Your plan is to wire AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF individually addressable led strips you bought and put them in the interior and exterior of your car.

You have two 16.4 feet of 5050 smd led strips CONTAINING AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF LEDS AT AN UNKNOWN VOLTAGE available to use and you want to program AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF multiple different designs and you dont know what boards to use.

I havn't a clue what you'll need, nor how much power it will draw.

Yours, TonyWilk

oKeeg: ... how to change the colors when I want.

So, now you happen to mention colours... probably RGB LEDs then ?

I'm getting fed up of TRYING TO GUESS WHAT YOU WANT.

oKeeg: Its not that hard I dont understand how this is so confusing.


Maybe because [u]only just now[/u] you have let on that this is what you want...

If you know what an underglow is on a car, that is what I am trying to do. I will put roughly 16.4ft of WS2812B Individually Addressable LED Strip Light 5050 RGB SMD 150 Pixels Dream Color Waterproof IP66 PCB 5V DC underneath my car and I am trying to have the arduino nano control the led strip.

Those LED strips usually take about 60mA per LED, if they are the 60 LEDS/meter type, then 16.4ft (5m) will take 18 amps.

You will need a power supply capable of converting 12V to 5V at 18 Amps

You might find some useful info here: ws2812 addressable leds arduino quickstart guide

And an example library to drive those pixels here: FastLED library for Arduino

An Arduino Nano will be fine to drive these.

Yours, TonyWilk