Help with Leonardo Serial Monitor

Hi, I'm doing debugging through the serial monitor. Arduino Leonardo with 1.5.2

When I upload the sketch, COM11 and COM13 are available, I use COM13, upload, open serial monitor, all is good, data is flowing.

If I use the "reset" button on the Leonardo the COM13 serial monitor remains open, but nothing is coming through.

Also COM13 is no longer available to choose from in the IDE.

I close serial monitor on COM13 and try to open serial monitor again. I get an error in the IDE "Serial port COM13 not found".

I try the only available port, COM11 and open serial monitor, it opens, but no data is coming through.

So, how do I use the serial monitor after a reset on the board? At this stage I can only use Serial Monitor by uploading a sketch each time.

Thanks for your help.

I would not suggest using 1.5.2 with the Leonardo since that release is still considered beta and specific to the Due.

Do you have the same behavior with 1.0.3?

Thank you again for your help James.

Yes, I've just downloaded 1.0.3 and replicated this behavior. I know that the serial ports on the Leonardo are virtual and designed to come and go, but in my case I can only access the serial monitor immediately after an upload and not after pressing reset on the board.