Help with MAX30105 (Sparkfun Breakout) Particle Sensor

I purchased this sensor (Sparkfun Breakout), hooked it up and ran an example sketch and everything works as expected.

My project requires me to measure dust particles in a chamber of air.

I wanted to use this sensor to do so.

I couldn’t find any sketches online to help me implement a particle-detection algorithm. I’m not sure how this could be done (the library itself has only a presence-detection example - is this what I would work off of?). If presence detection is what I would use, which light(s) would be ideal for measuring dust in the air? It’s stated that this sensor can detect smoke in the air. I tried testing the presence detection whilst blasting the sensor with powder and it would either give me false positives, or not be sensitive enough to consistently detect powder/dust.

If anyone is familiar with the science behind particle sensors and can provide me with some insight on how I might be able to utilize the full capabilities of my breakout board, I would really appreciate that.

The chip is able to produce red, green and IR light and measure the intensity of the reflected light. How much light in any of the three frequencies gets reflected depends a lot on the material of the particles in the air, their size and how much of them you have. If you want to detect powder with this sensor, measure the values for the three light sources in several defined particle concentrations. If you don't have the time to do these "calibration" measurements yourself, you might contact the company linked in the datasheet, they should have the detection algorithms for several materials but they want money for them.