Help with mega2560!

Why, when I transmit data (string, byte ,etc.) from Serial1, they are incorrect? For example: I transmit string "Hello" and received in char: «:: and same in hex: AB 3A 3A A 2 However transmit from Serial is correct!

 Serial1.begin(9600); Serial1.print("Hello");

Where are you transmitting to? How are you receiving the data? Where is your sketch?

I received data on PC in special program as terminal.
For transmit I use the arduino mega 2560. When I transmit data from standard port - Serial (without number), data received on PC is correct. string = string, byte = byte.
When I transmit data from Serial 1 or 2 or 3, data received on PC is incorrect: string <> string, byte <> byte!

Full sketch:

void setup(){

  //Transmit data
  Serial.println("Hello");   //COM5
  Serial1.println("Hello");  //COM1

void loop(){

And recivied data:
in HEX


Yes, but only Serial goes to the computer via the USB interface. How do you have it physically connected?

With null-modem cable, precisely I use only 3 pins (Tx, Rx ,Gnd). But I need receive data from another device, and information must be correct!

Did you used the voltage level converter like max232 (TTL <-> RS232)?

Oh, I completely forgot about it! No I connected it directly!

Thanks to everybody. Problem has detected! I forgot about level converter. With it data is correct.