Help with Midi foot controller

Hello everyone, i need some assistance in a project i want to work on. I am a guitarist and a bit of a tech guy but i have never built anything that deals with circuit boards and such, but i know i can figure it out. I just need guidance.

Project: I need a compact midi foot controller to control a midi device i have(Guitar Effects Switching System for the Pedalboard and Rack Drawer), unfortunately every midi foot controller i have found online are huge and bulky or don't allow programming. I found this midi( which does everything i need but it only has 6 switches and also a bit bulky. So what i need is...

What do I need from Arduino(hardware, software, etc.) to create a midi controller with:
-10-12 Soft Switches
-Midi Send & Midi Out/Through
-Each switch will be programable either through code or software to control the Midi Device(Guitar Effects Switching System for the Pedalboard and Rack Drawer) just like the "Morningstar Midi CTL"
-Need it to be compact so smallest hardware.
-Need LCD to display names of switches names are customizable just like "Morning Star". I do have some coding experience just need to be pointed in right direction.

Thank you very much in advance!

Maybe edit your Original Post and change the title to "Help with Midi foot controller"

Personally, I know nothing about music or Midi


thank you