Help with monitoring a 220v AC motor with arduino uno

So I was speaking with my uncle lastnight and he mentioned something they were trying to do at work and sounds like it can be done, but wasn't clear on how and with what sensors and such.

He works for a small company that builds and repairs home ac units, when building units, they actually put the motors thru testing before assembly.

So not only is the motor for an actual AC system, but he said its a 220v ac motor.
He would like to be able to connect the motor up and see the following information about each motor to insure it is fully functional.


The guy they asked to put together a test unit/system to do this is only able to measure the voltage, but that is almost a given, since you already know how much you are supplying to the motor.

What sensors are available for the UNO that could do this or assist in accomplishing this?

I have some I have some ACS712 current sensors already, but can they be used to gather the above readings? I also have some Digital Temperature Humidity Sensors I could try for the temp readings.

can the above be done? with some additional modules /sensors and a UNO?

Does the motor have rpm output wire?

No the motor does not have RPM output wire, its 4 wires that are used to control the fan speed, low, medium-low, medium-high, high

I have been able to accomplish most of the items required, but not the current/amps