help with mosfet with brushless motor controller

i have a brushless motor controller which i would like to hack ie make it switch higher currents
im thinking of using the same mosfet and in effect doubling them currently there is just 1 per pole im thinking of adding another same mosfet in parallel would this work can think of any reason why it wont?

This is it

There's something really important you've neglected to tell us...

The mosphet Im using is the same as is on the original same voltage just want to increase current Capability not sure if it has a gate driver will check

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No the mosfets do not have a driver, it gets signal from processor

Can anyone help please?

Schematics and details for the current unit ?

Present MOSFET that is in there ?

Actual application you want to upgrade for ?

It is easy to stick a jet engine in a Mini but without context you would be on your own. :fearful: