Help with Natan Biesmans POST Library

Hello everyone,

i am glad to be here in this Community and I hope that you can help me somehow.

I need some help with Natan Biesmans HTTP POST Library, the Library compiles fine without anny error,
but the problem is that i can not send a POST/GET request via Browser.
I tried every two examples, as example i tried "LightSwitsch" with

  • "IP/Action/Toggle"
  • "IP/?Action=Toggle"
  • "IP/Action/?Toggle"
  • and so on, but nothing works.

Do i make something wrong? Or i am just bild or dumb?
Please help me.

Best regards from Germany,


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.

Just guessing but try a different browser. I have that get me in the past more than once.

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