Help with new project involving IoT GSM or App communications

Hey all! I am new to the arduino world and need some advice from the experts before I start this project. I am looking to build a lock of sorts that communicates with my cell phone. Ideally I want an app or a way to text the device to "arm" itself so if the lock wire/cable is cut, or there is excessive movement it will send me a text or notification and start broadcasting its location using a GPS.

Below are the main functions and requirements. I just dont know which hardware to purchase.

  • Needs to communicate with cell phones through SMS or an application iterface (ios). This needs to be either through GSM, LTE, or some other form of long range communication.
  • Needs to have GPS that can broadcast location.
  • Needs to be powered by a battery. (rechargeable preferred)
  • Needs to have a way to sense if a wire develops an "open" (like if someone cut it on purpose) this is for security.
  • Needs to be able to detect movement.
  • Will be exposed to elements. It will be in a watertight housing but will be exposed to outside temperatures.
  • Size cannot exceed a 3"x 8" footprint. (or somewhat close to this) But can be smaller.

Thank you in advance! This is my first time using an arduino so any help is appreciated! If any or all of this is simply too complex or not possible I understand.

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