Help with Nrf24L01 modules?

i everyone I need some help at coding I have a few arduinos and a few nrf24l01 radio modules I basically want to transmit and receive a hexadecimal number between the arduinos for example 00143200 or 00af1d00 can anyone please give me a simple code ? Im using arduino IDE 1.0.1

I googled: "nrf24l01 arduino" and found: This one looks promising.

and also,62222.0.html


akinich: can anyone please give me a simple code ?

You will want to use a library to interface with the RF24 unit. I know of a couple of implementations - I prefer Maniacbug's RF24 library. This comes with example sketches that show how to send and receive messages.

I read my reply from last night. It was not my best work. I have modified it. Sorry.

I just received 2 of these modules from ebay via the Slow Boat from China. They were about a buck each.

I looked over ManiacBug's forum,62222.0.html and his example of communicating between 2 Arduinos and found them to be excellent. Very well domumented and well-written.

The library is available for download at along with additional documentation.

Considering PeterH's recommendation, I am starting there.