Help with off-brand OLED

I'm trying to set up this 16x2 OLED. It has a different pin layout than the standard ones that everyone uses, which are typically the NewHaven Display style. As near as I can tell, this one has the same pin setup for the first 2 pins and then the rest are flip-flopped.

So the pin setup would be something like this:

My OLED vs NewHaven OLED

1 = 1 (both are VSS)
2 = 2 (both are VDD)
3 thru 10 = 14 thru 7 (D7 thru D0)
11 = 6 (E)
12 = 5 (R/W)
13 = 4 (DC)

I'm not sure that the following pins have counterparts on the NewHaven display, or if they're even needed for most applications:

14 = RSE
15 = CS

The data sheet is here:

Has anyone gotten one of these to work? Or does anyone have suggestions?