Help with parts list GPS NMEA signal decoded to Large Seven Segment Display

I realize that the arduino is never going to show up in the mail if I don't order it, however, I am worried about not having he necessary parts to drive four 4" common anode seven segment displays. The Large 4" seven segment display specs are Forward Voltage: 13V, and Forward Current:15-20mA. How can I dim the display, will I be able to do this on the 'code' side of the project?

I am dealing with a supplied NMEA signal, so I don't have to worry about a GPS.

The more I read about troubleshooting circuits I hear about, pull down resistors and experimenting with different types of transistors or mosfets. I don't mind having extra parts left over at the end of this project if anyone wants to suggest something.

Parts List so far:

-Arduino, UNO or (Pro with cable)

-LED driver -not sure if I should use shift registers and transistors/mosfets or a LED driver something like a tpic6b595 that could handle the higher voltage?

-recycle a 18 V dc laptop power supply for the the Seven Segment Display.

-Voltage regulator for SSD's (if necessary)

-5v regulator for arduino

-prototype PCB board to mount SSDs and driver circuit

-breadboard and 22ga wire

From google I found an incomplete topic about "Need Suggestion Common Parts for Arduino Projects"