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To be honest in not really sure if this belongs here so please move it to the appropriate place if need be. I’m just looking for a part that I saw somewhere. I’m working on duplicating a project I saw online.

I’m trying to find out the parts used here. Of course I know the arduino but the other parts specially what’s inside the tape I don’t know. I think it’s a double sided tape. I don’t know what’s inside. This is a tapper or a clicker. You placed it on the screen and it’s supposed to tap where ever you place it. I will attach the image. Thank you so much. I’m new to all this.

Looks home-made to me!

I googled "simulating touch on a screen with a capacitor" and found this page on Stack Exchange:

It might help.

Thanks i appreciate the help. I'll try to Google and search online. I read through the post and I'm still lost. I really appreciate your help though. Thank you

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Here is the link to the sales page;

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Thanks Tom but I’m not paying $138 for something that’ll cost $30 or less. 'I’ll keep looking till I find the info I’m looking for. Thank you

I think you will find the reason for using a vibrating transducer is because the touchscreen is NOT capacitive.
It is a resistive /pressure screen, that is why a plastic stylus works.

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Thank you Tom, So how will I be able to connect the plastic stylus to the wire running from the arduino?? Thank you

My smartphone does not work with a plastic stylus.

I would realize not all screens are resistive and not all screens are capacitive.

The tapper may need to be conductive.

@aarg circuit might be worth trying, use a logic level MOSFET and a pull up resistor on the Drain.

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