HElp with pH meter, need fast help

Hi, i created pH meter, like there, withour adjust. But its nor working, on exit i am always getting around 4.5V, even with connected pH probe or not. i am using TL072CP, all resistors chosen as written there ( not in schematic but below). There is negative voltage, i for it i used ICL 7660. Any suggestion, plz need fast help

Is there difference if i am using 0.25W resistors. Should i uses 0.5W or 1W resistors. Or there is no difference?

The wattage of the resistors does not matter.

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Are you using both +5v and -5V with the common 0v from each supply connected as the ground reference. When you measure between the +5v and the -5v rails do you get 10 volts. If not then you have your supplies incorrectly connected.

The description of that circuit doesn't seem to correspond to the diagram very well.