Help with pH sensor having 3 pins (vcc,gnd,out)

How do I use this sensor?

It seems to be custom made. Can you get more information about it ?
The VOUT could be the analog output.
The VCC might be 5V, or 3.3V or 12V.

OP’s images:

No type number, data sheet, circuit diagram? Without those, it’s indeed a wild guess. Probably an anlog output indeed.

And a quite poorly designed board: the OpAmp (I assume those ICs are OpAmps) taking the signal from the pH sensor should be placed as close to the sensor as possible, with trace shields. I see neither on this PCB.

Nothing was given, I connect the vcc and ground respectively with the arduino board, when I read the outpin pin from A0 the value reaches as hig as 500.
Is this correct? Arent analog values supposed to be between 0-1023?
Ps:I am a mechanical student, using some electronics for my project, so I am just average in all these.

Without knowing the circuit can’t say anything about this.

What pH are you measuring?

Normally 1 pH point is 58 mV (iirc - about that) in potential difference. Your board may or may not amplify this.

Your board also most likely applies an offset to the potential, so you can measure pH <7.