Help with pinouts for 6 pin 1306 oled spi to teensy lc.

I have fried too many oleds lately to go pin out hunting.

Please see attached image.

The only two I am confident in is

oled SCL > pin 13 sck0
oled SDA > pin11 MOSI0
oled res > ??
oled DC > ???

and the adadruit example file also asks for OLED CS. Confused since there are only 4 pins (other than gnd & vccx).

I have no idea what to do about the last parm “OLED_CS”.

Is there another example file that better matches this board’s pinout?

This subject has come up many times. Search for SSD1306 CS.

I would never buy a SPI device that has no Chip Select pin.
I can only assume that CS is hard-wired internally. When you use any other device on the SPI bus, the OLED will receive garbage.

RES means RESET. Connect to GPIO pins of your choice.

I have never seen any definitive answer to the missing CS. It might be possible to set the address window to an illegal position and leave DC high. Then the SSD1306 might ignore the data that other SPI devices are using on the bus.

As a silly question: Why did you buy a device without an CS pin?


I was reordering a 1306 i2 display and didn't look at what I really ordered. Hit the buy button for 6 of them.

It is not worth the hassle of doing a return for $36 so I thought I would give it a try.

Thanks for the response.

Well, are you using multiple SPI devices?

If not, I do not see a problem. The display should work.

If you really wanted the I2C interface, you should be able to set solder-bridges to configure for I2C. Then you do not need the DC pin.

It would be interesting to see what is practical. This would help all the other punters that have bought this display.