Help with pins for Pot Trimmer

Can anyone tell me what the pins are for this potrim:

[I was going to link it but apparently I'm not allow to yet.] :-?

I figured I would experiment and if I broke it I would buy another, and then I bought the thing and noticed how much they were. I looked around and found nothing on the actual specs of the thing, Mouser, Digikey, etc... The serial number on the trim is: 3006P-1-103

Any help/yelling at for posting a stupid question is openly welcome!

10k ohm total resistance trim-pot it takes 15 turns to go from one end of the other

the middle lead is the arm while the other two are the legs

| |o

| | | +5 pin gnd

for example, though gnd and +5 could be reversed.

Wow thought these were one way, thanks for the info!

if you want the voltage to increase with clockwise turning you need to hook it up a certain way and vice versa.