Help with ports!

I have just purchased an Arduino Duemilanove and I can't get it to work, It powers up fine while it's connected via the usb & the led is flashing away as normal.

When I start the Arduino IDE it cannot find the Duemilanove in the Tools/serial port menu, my bluetooth modem and PDA sync show up even though they are turned off in my system preferences.

I tried a few different versions of the Arduino IDE including the latest edition (15) and I also tried a few versions of FTDI drivers, however I still can't gat it to work!

I'm running Mac os x 10.5.6 on an intel mac

any suggestions?

Thank you

Hey, I just got mine and am having the exact problem. Wish I could help. If i get anything to work I will let you know. Also, I am running MacBook Pro with same OS.

Just got it fixed. Install your usb intel driver. Plug in your board and it should pop up in the menu. The port was not available to me until the board was plugged in. The only chocies i had were PDA/Bluetooth. Hope this helps.

glad you got sorted! Unfortunately i've already tried the drivers and plugging it in a few times, i've even tried a second Duemilanove and still no joy it's just not popping up in the 'serial port' menu, i suspect a driver issue with the FTDI chip- i'll have too keep searching for an answer

thanks for the reply anyhoo!

what exactly have you done?

the process (at least how i do it, and i think its what the instructions say) is to plug in your arduino w/ usb… and click install drivers (the wizard thing should pop up)… navigate through the wizard so that it lets you choose the place of the drivers, then select the “drivers” folder in your arduino IDE folder… the wizard should show you the driver it wishes to install…allow it to isntall it, and it should work…

also, for some reason, i had to do it twice when i did it (i plugged the arduino in, installed the driver, unplugged + replugged, and had to install the driver again, but then it never asked me again…)

if this doesnt work… you may want to try to uninstall the driver that you currently have (perhaps, for watever reason, the install corrupted) and install with the directions above…

also, do you have a mac, cause the instructions above are for PC (i dont know what the driver install protocol is for macs)

finally, have you looked over these?:

windows install:

mac install:

Yep i've tried that also still nothing! Looked at the links you gave me, it all looked so simple, i couldn't see anything obvious i was missing- no clues there. And to answer your question, yes i'm on mac an intel based one too... Damn computers! why do they always seem to have a million and one compatibility issues, they're the bane of my life!

Thanks for the reply

Use the Mac's USB probe utility to see if the USB port is being seen. If not then download a fresh set of drivers from the FTDI site and install them again.

This system works great with the Mac. You should see the board under the board menu and the serial port under the port menu. It will be the top one if the system has recognised it.

USB probe? how do I do a one of those?

The board shows up in the list of different Arduinos- but it’s never once shown up in the port list.

I keep removing and reinstalling the drivers, i’ve tried different ones too, i’ve even emailed the people at to ask which driver they recommend on my system, but they weren’t much help.

If anyone has any specific advice on what version of the FTDI driver works on my intel mac system I’d love to know- it’s frustrating i’ve got 2 Duemilanoves that just sit there and flash away when i plug them in, I just wanna upload my first code and get cracking!

oh well i’m still at a loss, thanks for the message tho!

USB probe? how do I do a one of those?

It's a application you double click it. It comes as part of the operating system.

I take it the usb prober application is part of the xcode tools? I'm just installing it now hopefully it's in there somewhere....2B continued!....

....I got the usb probe thing running and my Duemilanove plugged in, not sure what port the Arduino is on what's the easiest way to check?

I'll post the output in my next message

Nope- no can do, the output is too big to fit on the message board and i don't know if i can attach it to my post as a txt file.

Someone is going to have to explain how i can identify the usb port that the Duemilanove is connected to

thanks for the advice tho, it feels like i'm heading in the right direction now, hopefully.

No need to post the file. Just run the USB probe and then plug in the arduino. The just look at what has changed. If nothing changes then the system is not seeing the FTDI chip either because the drivers are not right or the FTDI chip is bad.

Cheers Mike, i've tried 2 different brand new Duemilanoves and neither show up in usb prober- i've just reinstalled the current driver again! Nothing....Then I installed the updated driver from the FTDI chip website and still nothing!! Nothing in the Arduino serial port menu and nothing in USB prober!

Well my money is on the drivers. I suspect it is not un installing properly before you install the new ones. It could be that one of the drivers you installed was bad and is refusing to un install. I will check what my system profiler says tonight as I don't have a Mac at work. :(

I had the same drivers on OS 10.4 right through to 10.5.6. There is a small chance it is the USB lead, you are getting power but not one of the signals. Doest it work with other USB devices?

You Diamond grumpy_mike!

turns out it was the usb cable, i purchased it with the board and didn't give it a second thought!! arrrrggghhhh!

i tried the usb cable on my mates external HD and it was knackered!

so i've stolen his HD cable for my Duemilanoves

Thanks for all the help and advice, peace!

Try a different USB cable?

I can’t believe i spent 2 days messing around with drivers because
my brand new USB cable was faulty, it’s never happened before? crazy

just wanna say thanks again for the help Mike, you’ve got me off on a flying start on my tour de force of Arduino!