Help with POV Clock sketch

Hello all you Arduino experts out there.

First off I have posted for some guidance before and I got some great advice but I still need some help.

I am working on a POV clock project but I need some help with the code. So far I have learned how to do basic programming of my Arduino UNO, such as blinking LED's and a Knight Rider sequence. I also did a very very basic POV that will spell out a predefined word that reads from an X-Y grid. I have looked at many many many internet sites for Arduino specific POV clock code but I cannot find much. Although I have found plenty using PIC's. I am hoping someone can point me into some Arduino sketch code to make one.

So far here is what my plans are and what parts I have.

I would like to use 8-LED's but I am willing to change that if its too much of a problem (I don't think it would be much different than a smaller cluster of LED's)

I also want the characters to appear as 5 LED's wide, which seems pretty common.

I am going to be using an Adafruit RTC DS1307 breakout board to take care of the clock stuff.

I am thinking that I need to sample the time portion from the RTC then somehow map a character set to each digit from the RTC then display them. I don't know where to start.

The motor speed control will be independent from the Arduino stuff.

My electronics experience is very extensive so I am just asking for help with a POV Clock code or help getting an RTC clock code to work with a POV code. I do have some experience in programming some other microcontrollers like 8051's in assembly (yuck), and I have learned how to write C code but not at an expert level.

Thanks everyone.

Oh and please go easy on me since this is my very first post and I am new to this stuff.

There's got to be someone out there that has made a POV clock similar to what I want to make. Help guys!!!

Anyone? Anyone?

Do not post this thread multiple times. You abandoned your other post, where I gave help already. Bad forum behavior!