Help with Pressure sensor mpx2202

Hi folks,

I bought a MPX2202 pressure sensor, but the measure is the differential range of 0 - 40mV. Not only pure voltage, but the difference of V1 and V2 sensor output pins. So, I will need a instrumental amplifier, because is too low voltage to arduino input.

But, isn't easy to find (here in Brazil) a instrumental amplifier.

So, it's possible to make 2 op-amp (one for each sensor voltage output) and use 2 pins of arduino to measure the difference? Of course, one of op-amp must amplify lower than other. i.e. one op-amp with 50x, other with 100x

Else, if anyone have another suggestion.. feel free.

  • sorry by my english...


Yes but its 3 op-amps, see here:

With 2 op-amps you won't get the same stability/accuracy.

thanks so much MarkT!!

It's possible to do it with simple amplifier, like LM324?